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Flights of Industry is the brainchild of Matthew Amt and Jane Walker.  They are a married couple who have discovered that their individual creative talents are enhanced when working together!  Their philosophy is to create original art pieces in miniature using salvaged found-objects for as much of each piece as possible.  Turning trash and odds and ends of everyday objects into tiny treasures is a thrilling creative challenge.

This idea started when Jane finally decided to realize her lifelong dream of building a dollhouse and choose Steampunk as the theme for it. Matthew jumped right in and began making Steampunk boiler room equipment before there was even a boiler room to put them in! He enjoyed the work so much and had so many ideas for variations and items not suitable for the dollhouse that he and Jane decided to create 1:12 scale vignettes to showcase the fruits of their imaginations.

Matthew brings mechanical comprehension and the ability to put disparate objects together while Jane provides aesthetics and composition as well as the ability to craft parts from scratch when needed. Both contribute inspiration for the activity or "story" each vignette depicts.

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