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Jane Walker

I was born and raised in Vermont and grew up on a dairy farm with eight siblings.  Plenty of hard work, sibling rivalry, a wide assortment of animals, and plants everywhere.  I attended the Rhode Island School of Design and graduated with a degree in Illustration.

I have dabbled in a variety of media and genera over the years since art school, first drawing and painting fantasy and science fiction subjects to show and sell at science fiction convention art shows.  Many people currently know my art glass marbles and glass doll eyes best, but health issues forced me to stop doing glasswork for a while, and during that time, I dabbled in less strenous media.

I returned to my illustration roots and began using digtal photography and PhotoShop to create art prints, greeting card subjects, and decorative fabric designs with nature as my inspiration.  My work includes such subjects as cats, birds, greyhounds, flowers, and element mandalas. 

My greyhound fabrics have proven to be very popular and I am currently devoting all of my time to developing collections of specialty fabrics with greyhound motifs.

I live in Maryland with my husband, daughter, and greyhound.

Portrait ©2009 by Jane Walker

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