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I made this miniature room box (diorama) for my friend Paula to cheer her while she was sick and having chemotherapy.

front of box
Everything (except the hedgehog in the garden) used to make this, even the lights, were objects and materials we had on hand. You can imagine what our basement looks like! We enjoy making tiny scenes from bits of junk and odds and ends.

size of box
Scale:  9" x 6" x 4.5"

The miniature scene in
This photo is a good example of how the scene looks with the box back-lit with the lights off.

The left side view. The
                            right side view.

Here you can see that the vase is a thimble. An old and battered thimble! It took one little tap with a small hammer to flatten the bottom.


The right side
My husband created the cat out of bits of jewelry.
The cannon is a keychain charm, I think.
                                                          garden and
                                                          gazing ball.     The
                                                          garden lit
                                                          with an LED
                                                          and optical

The hedgehog was a lovely contribution from SilverBlueberry, an artist in Sweden who heard what I was doing and wanted to contribute.

                                                          view of the

This image shows a view of the garden with the lights off and the box lit from outside. Some of the flowers at the fence are three dimensional while the remainder are painted on the box, some on the inside surface and some on the outside surface to increase the depth of the illusion as much as possible.

Metal mask above the window.  Rose plaque.

These photos show the brass mask above the window. The mask was in a box of doodads a relative gave us to use in our miniature creations.

Here is the bookshelf filled with books on some of Paula's favorite subjects.
I snitched photos from her FaceBook page for the covers.
Oh, I confess, the butterfly bookcover is done with a drawing of my own.

The top of the box showing the light button, battery compartment, and handle.

I didn't have any place in the scene for this pretty paper, so I lined the battery compartment with it.


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