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tools for marble tutorialfish marble tutorialribbon core marble tutorial

How to Make Glass Marbles--Introduction

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These instructions are free of charge for personal use only (see copyright below).

PLEASE NOTE:  I do not give lessons or demonstrations.

I put together these instructions for making marbles using a Hot Head torch at the request of another marble-maker, Dee Snell.  The Hot Head is the least expensive glass working torch, and is simple to use.  One can make good quality marbles and other small glass items with this torch and some basic tools.

I want to point out that I am entirely self-taught, and some of my methods are the result of "figuring out a way to make it work" and may not be the methods used by other marble makers.  Also, although I am a professional illustrator with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from a prestigious art school, learning to make marbles was a whole new world for me!  None of my art experience (except perhaps the ability to visualize what the finished item should look like) was of much help!  Humbling discovery for me, but hopefuly encouraging for you!  It took me many attempts to get to the point where I could consistently make good marbles.  It was an entirely new skill that required practice.  As with any skill, glass working must be learned, and as with any craft, I believe it can be learned by almost anyone who is motivated to try.

I learned the basics of glass working from the book MAKING GLASS BEADS by Cindy Jenkins.  Most bead-making catalogs sell it, and it can be ordered from any bookstore.  This book has all the basic information you need to teach yourself to do hot glass work:  tools, setting up your workspace, heating glass, and many techniques for putting designs on and in glass.  It would take me weeks to type all this information, so I'm only going to include specific bits as I go along.  I strongly recommend the book as a resource.

The following instructions are my methods, requiring the tools I use, to make marbles with a Hot Head torch.  I am assuming in these instructions that you have a table, fireproof surface, and holder for the torch/gas,  know how you want your tools arranged, and have practiced heating glass to get the "feel" for it.


tools for marble tutorialfish marble tutorialribbon core marble tutorial

Make a Ribbon Core Marble has images!


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