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December 2012

Having become a bit overwhelmed by Life, the Universe, and Everything,
I am under a doctor's orders to spend time doing things just for myself for a change.
This is my first "just for me" project, and it was inspired by
"Mixed Media Dollhouses" by Tally Oliveau and Julie Melina
This room box was made almost entirely with materials I had on hand.  The only items I purchased for it were an old home decorating book, the back cover of which became the walls, and the glass to cover the front opening.  Everything else--from the craft lights to the miniature fabrics--were items that I had previously collected for never-completed projects, scrounged from trash piles, made as experiments, or had kept just because they might be useful some day!

3/4" scale
                          miniature view with the front open.
This image shows the room box with the front open.
Views of the full finished project with the front closed are shown below.

The scene includes an old wooden spool used as an end table.
Spools were a staple in many doll house creations in my childhood.
The book is from my mother-in-law's collection and is my favorite Christmas story, "A Chritmas Carol".
Every one of my miniature creations will have a marble in it somewhere!
In this case a red marble has become a wall light with a mini light bulb behind it.
Why marbles?  Mainly because I collect marbles, and have thousands!
They, along with miniatures, are also a nostalgic reminder of the best parts of my childhood.
miniature chair with miniature print
                            fabric that I designed.
The back of the chair is made from a jar lid to get that nice shape.
The fabrics were printed from my own designs.
I have a miniature fabric collection that is available through the printing company:

Jane Walker Miniature Print Fabrics

miniature Christmas tree with lights
                            made from a plastic holiday decoration.
My attempt at making a Christmas tree that would fit into the very tiny space allotted was reasonably successful.
If I were to do it over, I think it would come out better, but I've moved on to new projects!

I designed the entire room around the pattern on the back cover of an old home decorating book.
                            miniature tile fireplace with lighted fire
                            and Christmas greenery.
The fireplace is made from craft tiles and cardboard.
The fire is made of scraps of foil and plastic with mini lights under them.
The floor is tongue depressors which are small enough that I can successfully stain them!
Staining is a skill that eludes me with life sized wood objects.

Below is the complete room box.  It is intended to be displayed mounted on a wall,
which is where it is all year. 
It looks great on the wall, but the lighting was not good for taking photos
that would show both the inside and outside clearly.

Miniature Christmas Room Box
                                    inspired by the book Mixed Media
                                    Dollhouses by Tally Oliveau and
                                    Julie Melina

Flights of Industry Steampunk Fantasies
                            and other clever things.

~I now offer miniature doll eyes on plastic coated paper
Affordable miniature
                          eyes! Bake them in polymer clay dollls and

and tiny decorative designs
printed on your choice of
cotton, silk, or polyester fabrics
and as wallpaper.
Miniature print fabric
                          for dollhouses and tiny figures.
Designed by Jane Walker
Samplers like the one shown above
are available here:
Miniature Print Samplers

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