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Miniature scene celebrating the life of my friend, Paula.
Stage-set built inside two baskets
 Approx. 1:12 scale ~ Found-object art

A portrait in a frame is used as the stage
In the center  of the view, a "huge" portrait hangs on the back of the stage.
The image is in a wire frame decorated with objects that represent activities Paula loved:
the beach, role playing games, cats, knitting, and more.
The knitting was done by a friend and the portrait is from a photo taken by another friend.

The stage floor is covered with words.
Center stage reveals that the floor is covered with words and phrases.
Each word or phrase represents an aspect of what Paula was like or has meaning to friends and family.
Paula was a writer, librarian, and teacher and she lived in a world of words.
Ruby Slippers because Paula's favorite song was "Over the Rainbow".
Two black cat footlights are for Paula's two black cats.
The dancer light stands are for Paula's love of dance.

Paula's home life.
The "home" side of the stage includes knitting, flowers and flowerpots, scissors, books, and a pirate ship.

Paula's love of theater.
This is the "theater" side of the stage and represents Paula's love of community theater,
and her amazing talents as a dancer, singer, and actor.
The orchestra pit is filled with flowers,
and the entire scene is lit with LED lights in a variety of sizes and colors.

The memory box hanging up.
This is the basket hanging on my wall.
On the lower right you can just see the push button light switch,
which is surrounded by a friendship ring.

Paula Jean Alexandra Kennedy Montrie
1969 - 2014

A message from her husband:
"Remember to enjoy the play."

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