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How to Make Paper Ball Ornaments

Recycle greeting cards, wrapping paper, and photos by turning them into ball ornaments
for any occasion!
Scroll down for instructions--diagrams included.


Kits are often available in my Etsy Shop (link at right).

(Scoll down for diagram of construction)

1.  Make a circle template from light carboard.

2.  Make a second one the same size from paper and fold it in half and then in thirds. Unfold. Make a dot along the outside edge of the circle at every other crease so that you have three equally spaced dots. Draw straight lines between the adjacent dots to form an equilateral triangle and cut it out.  Trace it onto light cardboard and cut this out.

3.  Cut out 20 circles from cards, photos, or other papers.

2.  Center triangle on each circle and fold up edges of circle.  If the paper is thick, you may want to lay the triangle on the  back of the circle and lightly score the paper with the scissors or a craft knife.

3.  Take 5 pieces and glue them together to make a "top" cap (note:  before gluing the last edges of the top part, insert a loop of string or ribbon for hanging--make a large knot and tuck it inside the ornament where the pieces come together at the top, with the loop itself on the outside).

4.  Take 5 more pieces and make a "bottom" cap.

5.  Make a "ring" from the remaining 10

6.  Glue the top and bottom to the ring.  If some edges don't align perfectly, just trim them a little with small scissors.

It's done!

These are the instructions that come with my paper ball ornament kits:

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Patriotic greyhound ornament kit

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