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Steampunk Dollhouse

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A gift for my dollhouse from Mike Barbour!

                    Espresso Machine for my dollhouse.
This is 1:12 scale, but will be fine in the Apothecary Shop or inventor's apartment.

Apothecary Cabinet
Drawing of wall-mounted apothecary cabinet.
I'm having this made by M & R Miniatures of Rochester, NY.
And here it is!
This miniature apothecary chest will go in
                    my apothecary chest doll house!

1:24 scale jars and packets
1:24 scale items for the Apothecary Shop.  They actually look more realistic than the photo shows.
The jars are made of Sculpey (I used the squeeze tool that makes shaped lengths for slicing to size).

                    scale books
A fancy book made from a cover designed and printed by me and glued to a piece of matte board.
Other "bulk" books are matte board colored with marker.  I've improved my technique since I made these, so I probably won't use the bulk books in the finished room.

Found this old bracelet, the details are amazing, and will be perfect in a 19thC San Fransisco dwelling.

And there will be trees outside the windows!  Very tall skinny trees.
Miniature tree half inch scale.
I'll take better photos when I have all three trees done.

Flights of Industry Steampunk Fantasies
                          and other clever things.

Affordable miniature
                        eyes for dollhouse figures.

printed on your choice of
cotton, silk, or polyester fabrics
and as wallpaper.
Authentic mini print
                        fabric and wallpaper.
Designed by Jane Walker
Samplers like the one shown above
are available here:
Miniature Print Samplers

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