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Steampunk Dollhouse
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The apartment floor plan is a cross between a "shotgun house" and a "railroad apartment" (each apt. is one room deep and each room is accesible only through another room).  The rooms are shallow so that each can be used to create a stage-set vignette of some aspect of the life of the occupant which will be viewed through a door.  There will be a light-well behind the rooms with a "daylight" light source and electric lights in the building.

  Here is the basement level with shops:

Basement and shop level of my Steampunk

The apartment building must have a boiler room!

There are multiple levels and layers to deal with, and I discovered I had to revise the layout yet again when I actually built a model of the room.  Not only do items have to fit, the room also has to act as a stage-set to allow the viewer to see everything, and the viewer must be drawn in by the composition.

The entry hall.  The narrow door to the left of the elevator leads to the stairs seen in the boiler room.
 entry hall

Mock-ups of more rooms:

living room

steampunk house kitchen


Flights of Industry Steampunk Fantasies
                            and other clever things.

~I now offer miniature doll eyes on plastic coated paper
Miniature eyes for
                          polymer clay figures. Many colors to choose

and tiny decorative designs
printed on your choice of
cotton, silk, or polyester fabrics
and as wallpaper.
Accurately sized
                          dollhouse fabric and wallpaper.
Designed by Jane Walker
Samplers like the one shown above
are available here:
Miniature Print Samplers

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